Task 61
Task 61
SHC Task 61

Solutions for Daylighting & Electric Lighting

Integrated Solutions for Daylighting and Electric Lighting: From component to user centered system efficiency


Lighting accounts for approximately 19% of the global electric energy consumption. Research and development in the field of energy efficient lighting techniques encompassing daylighting, electric lighting and lighting controls potentially can contribute significantly to reduce this demand. Nonetheless, growing economies, higher user demands for quality lighting and rebound effects as a result of low priced and more versatile electric lighting – “more for less” – lead to an absolute increase of the worldwide lighting energy consumption. More light is used, less consciously.

The lighting as well as the façade market have seen significant technological developments and strong growth in the past decade - where nevertheless both market sectors still act mainly completely independent of each other, leaving out big chances for better user centred and at the same time efficient systems.

Research and developments in the field of energy efficient lighting techniques that integrates daylighting, electric lighting and lighting controls is thus needed. The ultimate goal is employing this integrated approach and bringing these techniques to the market which can reduce significantly  worldwide electricity consumption and CO2 emissions. These activities will therefore be in line with several different governmental energy efficiency and sustainability targets.

For more information contact Jan de Boer of Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, jan.deboer@ibp.fraunhofer.de.

Task Information

January 2018June 2021

Dr. Jan de Boer
+49 711 / 970-3401 fax: +49 711 / 970-3399


This is collaborative work with IEA EBC and is referred to as EBC Annex 77

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