To explore new ways to communicate lighting design two virtual showcases have been generated

A web-accessible interactive communication tool showcasing integrated electric lighting solutions for three chosen case studies. The web module is based on photographs from the case studies, taken with specific DSLR camera settings (manual can be accessed here), which are processed into an interactive simulation, where user can adjust levels of lighting channels, color temperature, and time of the day. Moreover, the case studies include pre-selected sequences that display the electric lighting integration systems proposed by the designers:

  • Bartenbach Institute office in Aldrans, Austria
  • SPARK office building in Lund, Sweden
  • Private office in Aversa, Italy

A stand-alone Windows-based application, serving as a decision guide tool and showing integration of different fa├žade shading systems and electric lighting. The user can navigate around in the virtual office. It was made in a form of a fully digital simulation of one of an industrial office building in Gdynia, Poland: