Task 61
Task 61
SHC Task 61

Solutions for Daylighting & Electric Lighting

Project (Task) Description

SHC Task 61 is a collaborative Task with IEA EBC Annex 77. Participants are working to create and develop strategies combining daylighting and appropriate lighting control systems to lead to:

  • very high energy-efficient lighting schemes, and
  • also to solutions offering the best lighting conditions for human being.

This programme will bring together, during 3,5 years 30-40 international experts and companies, involved in dynamic daylighting and lighting and their controls.

Useful knowledge and results from research will be gathered, concerning the perception of users concerning lighting quality, human interfaces and control strategies. We will propose models of lighting con-trols integrating user behaviour and expectations. We will identify best possible approach of control solutions for lighting and daylighting (movable components of windows), with wireless and wired controls, open loop and closed loop, IoT, etc.). We will conduct onsite and laboratory monitoring of innovative solutions and publish results to document benefits.

Part of the work will lead to deliverables to be forwarded as standardization proposals, in relation to CEN and ISO.